Manning River

Manning River Weekend – June Long Weekend (7th to 9th)

The long weekend will be led by Dr Saad Al Mahardi (Cruiser
660) who has lived in Taree for 12 years and knows the Manning River like the back of his hand. This is a great opportunity for members to get an overview of one of the states great rivers from Wingham Brush in the west via the old river port of Tinonee to the mouth of the river at Old Bar and Harrington.

We will meet at the main boat ramp in Taree on Friday night or Saturday morning up until Midday. On Friday night we will raft-up near the Sailing Club which is accessible by tender. The raft-up location is close to the ramp so any late arrivals will be met and assisted into the water.

On Saturday the trip will head down the river to the mouth at Harrington exploring the waters around Old Bar on the way. There is a new Marina at the Harrington Waters Development which is a very sheltered and pretty location. Saad has organised free marina berths for all boats on Saturday night. There is a nice restaurant at the Marina and a dinner is planned for Saturday night but numbers will be needed before the weekend. Adjacent to the Marina are grocery shops and a liquor shop for those who need any top-ups.

Sunday will see the flotilla head back up the river past the old river port of Tinonee and on to Wingham where any additional supplies can be acquired. For Sunday night a raft-up will be organised at Wingham Brush which is a very beautiful and quiet area.

On Monday day you can have a leisurely trip back to Taree or head down on the plane if you are heading home on that day. Travelling time to Taree is the same as it was to Forster and there is plenty of parking at or near the ramp. As Saad is difficult to contact during the day, please record you intention to participate with either Peter Hewitt on 0412 268 422 or Chris Hall on 0418 492080.

So please get organised and help make this another great Whittley Weekend.