There are pump out facilities at Berowra Waters, Brooklyn, Bobbin Head and Akuna Bay. Under Maritime law in NSW you need to use pump out facilities and not discharge in the waterways.

The fine for discharging sewage in NSW waterways is; On-the-spot infringement notices of $750 to an individual, or $1500 to a corporation for minor breaches of the regulations. For matters resulting in court action, penalties of up to $250,000 (individual) and $1M (corporation) may apply.
Please see for further information.

Please see for a full list of pump out facilities on the Hawkesbury.

You may purchase boating maps from the following site, this is only a requirement if you are going offshore, but may be useful to have anyway;

Following are the requirements of recreational vessels by Maritime Law on NSW inland waterways (Maritime and the water police do regular checks);

Level 1, 2 or 3 life jacket
1 anchor and chain/line
1 bailer/bucket for vessels with open bilges
1 bilge pump for vessels with enclosed bilges
Fire bucket if no other bucket available for fire fighting purposes
Fire extinguisher for vessels with electric start, electric motors, battery, gas or fuel stoves
Paddle or oars/rowlocks in vessels under 6m unless a second means of propulsion is fitted
Safety label
Signal sound, air horn or whistle/bell
Waterproof torch, floating
Blood alcohol limit is 0.05, you may also lose your car license if found to be over this limit when driving a boat

NOTE: There are further requirements if going offshore.


  1. Hi,

    We own a Whittley Monterey 600 and are based near the ACT halfway between Canberra and Goulburn. We would like to know if any members are near this area?

  2. Hi, We recently purchased a Whittley and look forward to joining the NSW club and seeing you all on the water.

    Peter, Kim, Grace & Jacob

    • Great to hear from you Peter. Look forward to catching up with you on the water.

      – Rob Gadiner, Website Administrator

    • Hello everyone

      We also just purchased a Whittley Cruisemaster 700, and are looking forward to meeting everyone!

  3. Hi fellow Whittley owners
    We have just purchased a Voyager 5.8
    We currently live in Adelaide & are intending to join a Whittley Club
    Perplexed which Club to join, NSW or Vic.?
    We have children & Grandies in Sydney But Vic is closer to Adeaide.
    Are there any other Croweaters belonging to either Club?
    Perhaps an Australian affiliation & can participate anywhere, finances permitting.
    Currently trying to work out well in advance if we will be free to do the NSW Easter Regatta.
    See you on the water soon
    Craig & Lyn

    • Hi Craig,

      Congratulations on your Voyager – hopefully it will bring you and your family a lot of enjoyment.

      At present I do not believe we have any members from your fine state. We have at least one boat from Victoria in our Club.

      Our attitude in NSW is that you would always be welcome as a guest at any of our events.

      The 2016 Easter Rally is anticipated to be a Club members first with non-members welcome if spots are still available. The current interest response level is suggesting that the vacancies will be filled by boats associated with either the Qld, NSW or Vic Clubs.

      See what works for you.

      If you need any further assistance please email me on


      Phil Sparks
      NSW President.

    • Hi guys
      Just saw this note and ask you to contact the Vic club as we have one SA member we can intro you to.
      Contact Gemma Dickson, Commodore of the Melbourne Whittley Cruiser a Club, 0448 310 877

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