First Aid

In 2018, the Club was given a grant from NSW Office of Sport to assist with the purchase of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). The AED was subsequently obtained through the Michael Hughes Foundation.

The availability of an AED at every Club event, will enable members to provide specific first aid in real time in locations that may be inaccessible to professional medical help.

The Commodore has agreed to be the documented custodian of the AED and he shall ensure that the device is available at every Club event in arranging transfer of the AED to the upcoming event/trip leader.

As condition of the grant, the Club was required to produce a Medical Emergency Plan which is reproduced below.

The AED is fully automated and ‘smart’. It will not operate unless certain pre-programmed parameters are detected. This means the machine is safe to use (even if the patient does not require defibrillation). The AED front cover includes instuctions in pictograph format as to correct usage.

In addition, would Club members please review and familarise themselves with the AED’s Standard Operating Procedure(SOP) as detailed below. A fellow member has made a great suggestion that members might like to keep copy of the SOP with their NSW Maritime mandated first aid kit.

Remember, the life it may help save, maybe your own or that of a loved one.